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  The Pravin Gandhi Workshop

   on Communication Skills and Personality Development


"Communication Skills: It's a bit about Public Speaking; its a lot about content; but mostly it is about being interesting!"  - Pravin Gandhi

Pravin Gandhi trained 130 new recruits of a global I.T. company in Pune in 2007.


Once upon a time ... 
I was  called at short notice  to make a presentation to a visiting Japanese delegation on the activities of the Products Group which I was heading. The Japanese were being served back-to-back half-hour presentations from each Group Leader. My turn came up after lunch. I wrote 4-5 handwritten transparencies (there was no Powerpoint then) with just bulleted half-liners, with a word in red here and there. My Senior VP was aghast that my slides were not “type-written”, and not detailed. "Is that all?" and "Is that what you've got?", he asked in despair, rolling his eyes towards heaven. Inside, facing the stone-faced Japanese, I introduced my Group’s motto “The Touch of the Master” with a beautiful picture of a violin with focus on the fingers of a faceless artist, and went on to make the presentation. During the loo-break, my  colleague from Tokyo who knew Japanese overheard the visitors say that this was by far the best presentation of the day!


The PRAVIN GANDHI WORKSHOP: Pravin Gandhi has conducted workshops for corporate staff on Communication Skills and Personality Development. Pravin Gandhi offers customized workshops for the specific needs of companies. The workshop could cover Personality development, Language Skills, Creative Thinking Oral communication and Written Communication, depending on the company’s requirements. The method is Instruction combined with verbal, written and thinking exercises; individual and group activities. Pravin Gandhi brings to his workshops a wide range of experiences. His Workshops combine the HOW (methods) with the WHAT (content and intangibles).

Benefits of THE PRAVIN GANDHI WORKSHOP: A Company’ image in the external world is the face of its employees. Confident, interesting communicators improve company’s relations with customers and improve performance and drive business.
* Employees are able to present themselves to their customers, seniors, and fellow colleagues positively and with flair;
* Their ability to work in a group improves;
* They are effective in conveying and convincing;
* They make an impression at corporate presentations, meetings, seminars and sales conferences;
* they make effective written correspondence;
* they are better speakers and listeners;
* they are able to organise and present thoughts/ideas effectively
* there is a qualitative change in their Confidence and Personality, language, content and style


Pravin Gandhi is a Software Consultant with 26 years of professional experience. He has worked with India's leading software company Tata Consultancy Services for over 15 years where he was Head of the Products Marketing Group. In this position he has worked with Advertising professionals, Event managers, Creative Directors, Journalists, etc. He has made numerous corporate presentations to delegates from Apple, IBM, Microsoft, etc; conducted press conferences; created marketing communication for his Products Group; exhibited his company's products and services at COMDEX and CeBit.  He has participated in workshops of noted Direct Marketing Guru Dick Shaver; noted Marketing Strategies Guru Al Ries; and noted Public Speaking academy, Nazareth.

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