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Pravin Gandhi has extensive experience in creating, branding and marketing of software products.

His experience spans development, sales, marketing, launching, advertising, exhibition and promotion, creating dealer network, customer service, conducting dealer-user meets and press conferences.

He has a customer-oriented approach which enables him to design software products, web content, and develop excellent marketing communication.

As consultant, he has advised software developers in creating products, or "productising" their custom-software.

The following are software products with which Pravin Gandhi has been associated.

Pravin Gandhi was responsible for the creation of 2 of the 3 Best Buys (nVEST and E.X.) reported by CHIP Magazine




Pravin Gandhi

Web-based, on-line investment portfolio management site www.JusKeepingTrack.com which helps an individual organise and track investments in stocks and mutual funds for the entire family. This application is provided on a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) model, i.e, the same application is available to all users via the internet.

Cemaze Technologies, a company co-founded by Pravin Gandhi

Positioned as India's first investment software for the entire family, nVEST a shrink-wrapped software package was very popular with investors and received wide acclaim in the Press.

Tata Consultancy Services. Pravin Gandhi, as head of Products Group, was responsible for the creation and marketing of these products.

In its time E.X. was India's most successful software product. It was positioned as the world's friendliest business accounting software, targeted at the business owner rather than an accountant/ professional. For the first time in India, principles of positioning, branding and distribution were used in software marketing. E.X. set the standards for user-interface, packaging, documentation, distribution in software.


A proactive Intelligence Information Software, positioned as a just-in-time information tool for busy top executives of companies having enterprise-wide business software systems in place.

Success Planned!

Project Management software using PERT-CPM, for time, cost and resource management in large social and infrastructure projects.


A popular Project Management software using PERT-CPM, for time, cost and resource management in large social and infrastructure projects.

Masterkey BMS and Business Manager

A complete business management software product comprising General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory and Sales management.

Dorabjee Infotech Pvt. Ltd.


Consultant for "productising" their liquor retailing software; i.e. positioning, branding under the name "Cheers", packaging, developing marketing communication, advertising and dealer recruitment;

Point-of-Sale supermarket software

Executive Information layer for real-time monitoring of business parameters and traffic.

Alnisha Software

The Professional

Consultant for the shift from custom-solution to product software, positioning, packaging, developing marketing communication and advertising.

Nihilent Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Consultant for the branding, launching and distribution of their ThirdDream web-site and content creation  tool site.

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